Investment in skills and knowledge enable us to provide a range of services to support organisations and groups. The key to the benefit of these services is flexibility. Some organisations have used our management services in times of crisis, for example if a key manager in the organisation has left causing risk to ongoing sustainability. In these situations we use our own managers to step in to the breach, allowing the organisation to plan its next step in a measured way and weather the crisis.

Longer term management support is also offered, where an organisation is too small to meet the costs of a dedicated CEO but needs strategic leadership to keep going. In some instances, this may result in an agreement to use some of our own senior managers time on a short, medium or long term basis; long enough to help the organisation become financially and operationally stronger. In other cases, it is the facilitation of strategic planning for their own trustees and managers, review of policies and procedures and training in a wide range of areas including governance, data protection and line management.