Membership brings opportunities to be part of a vibrant organisation that is constantly seeking to respond to the needs of communities in practical ways and helps them have a voice on issues that affect their lives. Our tiered offer is in response to what our members have told us would be useful to them and reflects the increasing need for those governing, managing and volunteering for services in their communities to keep up to date with things that are important to them.

Our Level 1 membership is £30 per year and has the following benefits;

  • Voting rights to help influence the strategy of Community Futures and make sure that our trustees reflect the views and beliefs of our members.
  • The opportunity to become a trustee for your own personal development or to lend your skills and expertise to our work.
  • Have a say in how we represent the views and experience of communities and individuals in Lancashire.
  • Regular news updates on topics that are important to communities.
  • Regular information bulletins on a range of useful topics and news articles.
  • Publicity for your services and events.

Level 2 membership, open exclusively to registered charities, is £250 per year and gives Level 1 membership benefits plus;

  • Priority exhibition space and free admission to our annual showcase event.
  • 1 Free trustee training session and access to regular advice and guidance.
  • Free governance advice and help with process and procedures, including charity registration and governing document reviews.
  • Free access to a document library of information sheets and templates.

There is a lot to be done to maintain a community building so Community Futures offers a comprehensive library of  information, advice and guidance documents specifically designed for village and community hall management. Access to the library is £20 per year and only available to members. For more information please contact

To become a member, simply complete the application form below. We will then send you an email with payment instructions and confirm your application status. We will then give you access to the restricted members page.

  • Community Futures Membership Application

    All members, whether individuals or representatives of organisations, must be over 18 years of age.
  • Level 1 membership is £30 per year & Level 2 membership is £250 per year. Details of the benefits included in each type of membership can be found at the top of the page.
  • We only use your personal information for legitimate business needs in respect of your relationship with ourselves and no other purpose. We promise: - To keep your data safe and private. - Not to sell your data for any purpose. - To give you ways to manage and review your choices regarding the data held at any time. Your data will be securely stored solely for the purposes of being a member. If your contact data changes it is your responsibility to let us know.